There's lots to love about CocoSoy Candles

They’re a cleaner, longer, and more even burn
compared to traditional soy candles. CocoSoy wax
also has a stronger scent throw that fills the room up
beautifully. With these simple care tips, you can maximize
the lifespan of your candles and enjoy them for hours.

Pouring wax into candle jars for Big Muddy Pedler
Coconut Soy Wax Candle Sold by Big Muddy Pedler

Big Muddy Peddler

Candle Care

The best way to enjoy your candle is to do so safely! Keep your candle away from dangerous situations, children, pets, & unsupervised areas

Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4″ every time you light your candle. This prevents your candle from creating plumes of smoke and provides a cleaner and brighter burn.

To prevent tunneling, burn the candle so that the wax pools all the way to the edge of the jar for each burn.
It’s recommended that you do not burn your candle for more than four hours at a time.
Dirty or Ugly Jars: If you find the edges of your jar to be smoky, dab some coconut wax on a towel & rub down the inside of (cold) candle.

Tunneling: If you find a tunnel forming, take a strip of tin foil & wrap it around the edge of the candle. Cover the top of the candle – like a little hat with a hole in center, over flame. This will help trap heat to pool edges. Do not leave unattended!
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