Vicki Harger from Big Muddy Peddler

Meet Vicki

Welcome to Big Muddy Peddler. I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m Vicki Harger and I am PASSIONATE about primitives. There’s something about aged wood, burlap and rusty metal that calls to me. It’s the imperfections that make them beautiful. We as humans are imperfect and through primitives, are reminded that we are beautiful. Ever ponder why we are drawn to the old timey stuff? I think it’s because we live in suc a hectic world full of car payments, soccer practice, worries of 401K balances, and remembering the passwords to thousands of online accounts, that we perceive the Colonial and Early American era to be a simpler time. When I am surrounded by primitives I can, for a while, forget whether I have enough in my 401K, I can mail my car payment tomorrow, and who cares about my password to Facebook. I hope through Big Muddy Peddler’s candles and goods, I can provide you with a small slice of the primitive life…from a simpler time